Who We Are

We are a small group of medical professionals who have been following researchers around the planet investigating the contents of the vials, the changes in blood and the adverse health effects on patients after getting the Covid shot(s) in order to put together a protocol to help prevent and reverse the damage done by them. Our goal is to help our brothers and sisters who are suffering after taking the shot.
We are calling out to integrative doctors, nurses and physician assistants to give us feedback when using the protocol in their vaccine injured patients.

The COVID "Vaccines" 

They change the blood, insert foreign materials and cause death and disabilities in Millions of people worldwide.  They really are not vaccines in the classic sense, but a bioweapon. 
These images were made by researchers looking at blood smears of unvaccinated and vaccinated people. See the difference?
Top Left: Normal blood of an unvaccinated person
Top Right: The same person after the vaccination
Bottom: Self assembling materials that look like micro circuitry.

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The Challenge

The manufacturers wanted to keep all documents regarding their product secret for 75 years. Thanks to an enlightened judge, they must make a certain amount of documents public each month. So far though, they have not revealed the actual ingredients in the shots. That is the challenge. Without knowing what they actually put in the vials, it is challenging to find a cure. Thanks to independent researchers we know some of the hidden ingredients and the damage they do. The protocol can help eliminate some of the damaging substances like toxic metals and can help repair the damage done by other ingredients for which there currently exists no known method of elimination. More research is needed. Sadly most researchers with access to expensive equipment are beholden to the pharmaceutical industry and government agencies to fund their research.   

There Is Hope

The body is an amazing organism with inherent self healing powers. It requires certain nutrients to self heal. The protocol provides these nutrients and combines natural treatments that have been in use for up to 70 years to help counteract the damage done by the shot. The substances used are natural and have been studied extensively for decades. Their mechanisms of action are well known and they are extremely safe. 

Recovery Protocols

Where to begin

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